Sunday Morning

Written by: Krystal Cochrane

                                   M                   S                         M
                                      o                   u                        o
                                       r                  n                       r
                   S                  n                 d                     n                        S
                   u                  i                a                    i                        u
                    n                  n              y                  n                    n
                     d                  g 	          g                d
     M             a                                                                  a
        o            y                      Before the sun                 y                M
              r                      bathes my bed in gentle                       o
                   n           golden light; Before the moon                r
                           disappears relinquishing the night;        n         
                        Before the storm of rosy cheeks awake
                            all ready to play: A fleeting moment
                             of enchanting calmness blissfully
                                dawns my day. A smile. A tear.
                                            A silent prayer.