Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Unwelcome visitor lands in field
Farmer goes out to investigate
Our hero wonders what he will see

Upward he looks into the night sky
Fast approaching ships are all around
Over and under all the lights dance

Unfortunately he's on his own
Friend or foe he did not really know
One man feeling he is without hope

Undulating wheat covers the ground
Fire is the answer that he seeks
One tiny match sets the field aflame

Up and away the saucers all fly
Fleeing from the blaze that he had set
Our hero looks up and waves goodbye

Project U.F.O.
I used U.F.O. for each stanza and wrote about U.F.O.s for good measure.
For form I chose I do not Know, I thought it would be good to choose Unidentified
Form Of  Poetry  otherwise known as  U.F.O.P