Tines' Mountain of Stone

Written by: Chris Broyles

On the shoulder of time do I stand
Looking o'er the promised land
Tis now I begin to cry
Why did I let time pass me by
I should of taken hold of your hand
Instead I alone did I stand
Atop this mountain of ice and snow
Was then I would really know
I shouldn't of never let you go
In that valley it would begin to show
How close we two could grow
Grow as one in life's biggest show
Like the tree that's always green
Always growing but still I've seen
Its branches come short of touching thee
So too I wondered what about me
That is why I stand here alone
Atop this mountain made of stone
All alone in the ice and cold
Looking in at the city made of gold
Time, it weren't you I was waiting for
For you always wanted more
More I cannot give
I therefore will always live
Atop this mountain of ice and snow
Looking at the glory below
Green valleys and seas of blue
I alone, always missing you