who are they to say

Written by: joy bohland

hey doc
give it to me straight
you'd be suprised what I can take
no candy coated words 
surrounding terms I've never heard
you use to scare
off all the interns...

I'm so sorry
for all their inquiries
they think are so necessary
for you to answer immediately
who are they to say?
asking you about him
talking about when when when
why don't they mind their own business?
Why don't they get out of your face?
you'll never let them see him 
in this fragile state
get them all away

They ask how is he
but they're too busy 
to talk right now
says their bodies half turned
so you lie through your teeth
tell em he seems to be 
turning around
and they're too smart to learn
so they agree
happy to move on

they say they want the truth
but they only want the good news
and don't get it otherwise
says the confusion in their eyes
only want the positive 
while you're left to live
as they can walk away
"what a wonderful day"
who are they to say?

"I understand"
dumbest words ever said
all I know is
nobody knows
nobody ever truly understands

I'm so sorry
yeah he's out there
that monster
and he plays dirty
and I'm sorry
it had to come to this
we'll beat him with our fists
for what he's done to our parents
and what he's done to us
as we had to watch
with our wrists locked
why does it have to hurt so?
why does it have to hurt so?

when God lets us
I'll beat the monster with my own fists
I'll beat him for me
I'll beat him for you if you need
or better than
I'll hold you together so you can