What the Current Takes

Written by: Caleb Smith

A boy at the river, with his best friend
Decides to swim across
The river is wide, but he's done it before
So he tells his ole buddy to stay
But almost across, he looks back and sees
His friend has come to save him
Frantically swimming, swimming and screaming, the boy tries to save his savior
But the more that he swims, the farther away
The current takes his old pal
His screams are in vain and his tears are concealed
By the river's muddy swell
And the rise has taken his friend ... down ... to a sandy grave

Many years have passed since that day
Yet still, there hangs a frown
He'll never forget, the pain that he felt
When he watched his best friend drown

4-12-13 (Empty tissue box contest)
*For my dog, Jomers ... a true companion that I miss to this day
--I'm sorry I let you down old buddy