Bein' Alone

Written by: Hadrian Bohannon

Have you ever been so alone, that you 
only had your thoughts?
So alone human companionship was the 
only thing you sought?
I just wanted to fit in like a jigsaw puzzle
But the pieces never matched so I gotta 
wear a muzzle
I can never speak out my feelings for fear 
of being bullied
People tell him to die in a hole but no-one 
knows should he
The things people do and say are the 
things that make me sick
What, you think having these scars on my 
arms was just a magic trick?
No. You put them there by pushing me 
You beat and kicked me down and never 
stopped to wonder
How does he feel? Does he feel miserable 
at best?
Does he feel like the only way to pass life 
is if it were a test?
You never thought about how I feel on the 
other side of words
You've made me go so crazy I've been 
broken into thirds
One part of me is a monster, the other 
part's hurt.
The last part doesn't know how to be 
happy cause hes been treated like dirt.
Being alone for so long has really got me 
But my visions blurred I can't think hard 
when I'm drinkin'
You think you're better than me? Think 
you're at the top.?
You could've sworn you broke me, so is 
that all you got?