The Mainstream Is Polluted

Written by: Ruby Honeytip

'Hey, over here! ' 
Said the road less followed 
'Here is the antidote, 
For the lies you have swallowed. 
It's not your fault, 
Your instincts were diluted, 
You were thinking from the Mainstream, 
Which is deeply polluted. 
The lies in this stream, 
Will not keep you afloat, 
Heavy untruths have been jammed 
Down your throat. 
Banksters, Media Hounds, Pharmaceutical lice 
All swimming in lies 
Screaming 'take my advice' 
Backpaddle and see it, 
For all that it's not, 
This poison will blind you, 
Free thoughts left to rot. 
Turn off your tv, 
Pull out the plug, 
Stop reading the news, 
Stop taking their drugs. 
Pick up your book, 
And rest your back on a tree 
The world wide webs in nature 
Will return you to simplicity' 
A smart little cookie 
Was this road travelled not, 
A timely reminder 
Of what logic forgot. 

Ruby Honeytip