Soul Dropper

Written by: binibining p.iNk

It's been weeks, but you, Royal and Linda have been on my mind...

If only I could find the words 
to comfort your grieving hearts,
I would gather them all up,
put them in a box

and wrap it up all pretty,
even put a blue plush unicorn on top.
HUG it.

then send them to you...

Sadly I don't :(

I know words sometimes aren't enough.

When one loses someone they love, does one ever heal?

I think I lied in my other poem, saying that time can heal.

I don't feel it fully can.

When you lose someone who's been in your heart,
that hole can never be patched up...
I see it as being kept in a chamber of your heart,
A place where maybe you alone can reach.

Share that pain, and as hard as it may seem, 
please take comfort to know that Bael is loved.

He shares your hearts, beats through you, it would be impossible
that he didn't feel that love.

Continue sharing that love, and he lives on.

I truly believe in this, and I am hoping that even in some 
tiny way, you can seek comfort knowing that he knew, he Felt 
how loved he is.


Linda, I hope you don't mind me using "Soul Dropper"

That was the term you used in one of my poems from way before,
when you told me about what happened, it felt like a part of my soul 
dropped for you...

Again, I'm just truly sorry for your loss and this is one of the best ways 
I can express it right now.... God bless you both and your family. <3