Scarin' Hippies- Part Two

Written by: Caleb Smith

 "Well, heidi-do ya'll?"... blank stares all around. Not a single one of them has any clue what was just said. I clear things up for them.
 "Means, how are you guys doing..."
 "Oh, we're fine. Thank you. How are you fellas?"
 My brother confuses them next.
 "We'd be doin' better if the longbeards were gobblin'."... blank stares all around.
 "We're hunting turkey and not having much luck."
 "Oh, that's too bad."
 I see at this moment that, whether good or bad, they are waiting for us to make a move. They are three very confused and slightly nervous hippies, so I invite them to lunch.
 "Yeah, I reckon. We got one this mornin'. We were just about to go back to camp and cook some up. Would ya'll care to join us? It's only a mile or so from here. There's plenty ... and I promise you'll love it."
 I can see the same thought pulse through each of their minds ... "Deliverance". The lead hippie notices my amusement at their uncertainty and takes it as a sign of goodwill.
 "You know what ... we'd be glad to join you guys for lunch."
 Every part of my being desperately wants to say, "Good deal ... by the way, you sure got a purty mouth." The better part of me, however, quells such thoughts of mischief.
 So, the three hippies join us. It turns out that all three are meat eaters, as long as it's unprocessed, and all three tear through the breaded and pan fried turkey as if they've had nothing to eat for a month besides love and sunshine. They had come from Fayetteville with plans of roughing it for a few days near the waterfall.
 My brother and I eat, tell stories, and keep them entertained. They eat, listen, and try to decide what planet we are from. It is soon time to part company and we bid our hippie friends, farewell. Just before they are out of earshot, I call to them.
 "Ya'll be careful, now! And don't let the mountain whoop y'ass!" ... blank stares from a distance ... are followed by healthy smiles and friendly waves goodbye.
 Until we meet again ... hippies.