O Sweet Lover


O sweet persistent lover mine,
Me thinks ye posses enfeebled spine.
It glows a radiant amber light,
Streaming as it haunts the night.

No, tis not the beauteous moon,
But thine own simpering tune.
Thine character portray telltale signs,
Neglected love bittersweet pines.

Fathomed, depths of thine heart,
Cowardice taints the loving part.
Why must thou pursue me so?
With thine dispirited spine aglow.

Mine dormant love hast awoken,
Pray thee, I bequest it unbroken.
Thine jaded heart, staunchly guarded,
O sweet lover, left forsaken-hearted.

See I come with amending balm,
A fragile heart salved in genteel palm.
Laundering the craven amber clean,
Rest assured a burden but somber dream.