Avatars of Poetry Soup

Written by: Eileen Manassian


Avatar, Avatar
Tell me now please
Is the one you depict
A glum or a tease?
Is the one you portray
A friend or a foe?
Avatar, Avatar 
Please, do let me know!

He seems debonair
She’s all sugar and spice
This one is too wild
But this one seems nice

This one is a shy
This one is too bold
This one is SIZZLING HOT!
This one seems cold

The face that you show
Is it just a disguise?
Is that blue or green
In those brilliant eyes?

Is that person who puckers
Really sexy or plain?
Is the one with the glasses
A charm or a pain?

Is Miss Beautiful
Also beautiful inside?
Does Mr. Kind Looking
Have demons to hide?

Is Miss Sultry Queen
Curvaceous and hot?
Is Mr. “I’m all that!”
All covered in spots?

Avatar, Avatar
Why are you a juicy fruit?
Or a cat or a dog
Or a partial birthday suit?

A scary faced monster
Initials short and sweet
Avatar, Avatar
To my mind you're a treat!

Avatar, Avatar,
Don’t tell me…I’ll faint
Is my favorite poet
A sinner or saint?

Kindly answer me this…
Tell me, are you for real?
These pictures I see
Do they breathe, do they feel?

Avatar, Avatar
I know that you won’t speak
Though your images lie 
For I’m not strong but weak

Not one poet can peek
Past you to the real me  
Avatar, Avatar...
So full of mystery!

Eileen Manassian Ghali