Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time long ago,
Spontaneous combustion burst aglow.
Stardust rained spiraling down,
Like sequence upon a satin gown.

Mother-nature caresses, her lover moon,
A gene-coded vortex fairytale tune.
Two worlds colliding arise the milky-way,
Waltzing on a star's celestial sway.

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Earth,
Bestowing a miraculous birth.
Hand in hand upon the sandy shore,
Lover's ebbing beneath an ocean floor.

Skinny dipping in mirrored riptides,
Hurricanes swell over surface divides.
Breathing life into evolution from the wakes,
Tidal-waves, typhoons, earthquakes.

Passions ignited across time and space,
Granting existence upon a voided place.
A new day dawns begets an afterglow,
Once upon a time long ago.