Just Wait

Written by: Robert Ball

There was a time in this country that family values and morals mattered.
Now the Supreme Court has a case that should be settled quickly, homosexuality should be shattered.
Our nation was founded on values we trusted in God and fought tyranny.
God’s laws are being ignored it’s tantamount to corruption, Our Fathers law is being ignored’ Villainy.

In Romans Chapter One God tells “Us” that homosexuality is an abomination.
Yet we as Christians wanting to be politically correct are ignoring family values, a reanimation of this nation.
A marriage is defined by one woman and one man, these are God’s words not mine.
The lord of the air ways says ignore these laws, it doesn’t pertain to now, what a monstrous crime.

The most evil Spirit on the planet at one time, Adolf Hitler had an edict that homosexuality was a disease.
We as Christians have to speak out without condemning with Love anxious to appease.
Well brethren if ignored, and we don’t speak out we will suffer God’s wrath in a horrendous way.
When we ignore God’s laws only to obey man law we are in trouble, sacrificing our children to this is the sin inherited by “Us” everyday.

The “Word” Jesus Christ foretold this to happen long ago.
The vile people the devils chosen will pay immensely for their sins. We as Christians will truly know.
Not letting God lead “Us” will be our downfall.
Trashing His laws He will not listen in His wrath to come, we will pray for His love and protection, and He won’t answer at all.