A Fluttering of Wings- Part II

Written by: Jade Celeste

Please Read Part I before reading this! Thank you! :)

Days and nights merged
Into a stupefying timelessness
How long had it been
Since she had burned his flesh
With her body
Since she had burned his heart
With her escape

He caressed the white feather
Pulled it across his lips
Smelling the scent of her
That lingered
Cursing himself for being a fool
For taking the chance
For believing

He angrily brushed
At the lone tear
That escaped from his eye
A mournful pilgrim 
Searching for redemption
Across expanse of his face

At that very moment…
The silence was broken
By the faint sound
Of fluttering wings
That grew louder
There at the door
Of his gilded cage

He didn’t trust himself to turn around
But he trembled...
He trembled when he heard the sound
Of the closing of the door
And the turning of the key in the lock
Still he did not turn around
Her scent spoke to him
Of her ever nearing closeness
Till it enveloped him
And her warm breath
caressed the back of his neck
And then…before he could turn around
His still rigid form was enfolded
In the fluttering of her wings

Eileen Manassian Ghali