Written by: Krystal Cochrane

Oh the lights are burning low.
Silence plays in the corner of the room.
Guess it won’t be long before my voice is completely lost to you.
	Read my name in lights because really it’s all that’s left;
When the last bulb burns only then will my echo be silenced.

			Oh there’s no place left to go.
	Waves of stringent rules drown men in sin.
Scratch my nails down carpeted walls to feel the warmth of friction.
	Paint my face with colours bright to hide a dulling grey;
My skin now raw, no stains remain - a mask will always fade.

			Oh you couldn’t really know.
	Dreams are lost like choking morning dew.
Curtains close on the world’s charade to signal the end is through.
	If only I had sketched my life with stronger steady strokes,
I’d end my act with greater flair then in a single puff of smoke.