Written by: Krystal Cochrane

My lips have not yet tasted sin -
An aura of innocence about my skin.
My eyes have not yet twisted truth - 
How long before I soil youth?

My face has not yet burned with shame – 
So beautiful is my delicate frame.
My ears have not yet rung with cries – 
Please never cease your lullabies.

How will you love me the day I break?
How many pieces will I shatter with mistake? 

I am silent in your arms – our hearts in sync – you whisper:

“I forgive your faults unknown.
I promise to guide you until you are grown.
My love for you shall never weaken,
In your life forever a beacon.


Regardless of what you feel is defection,
I am your Mother, 
 I will only ever see - Perfection.”