Famous Couples

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Adam and Eve met, for the very first time
Adam felt a flush but wasn’t sure if it was a crime
God explained to Adam that it was perfectly okay
To feel what he was feeling, as He had made him that way

Eve when she saw Adam, noticed he needed a shave
She wasn’t too impressed, she wasn’t going to rave
The garden needed attention the food store was bare
She asked God if she had too, she didn’t think it fair.

God taught Adam how to shave and helped him sew a fig leaf
The trouble is when he saw Eve; it kept lifting giving him grief
Eve refused Adam’s advances unless the lawn was cut neat
But she agreed to do her duty if he’d first let her warm her feet.

Adam and Eve came together God’s plan to fill the world had started
The couple grew close to God, until the snake had them parted
He told Eve she would be like God and know the good from bad
Eve told Adam about it and he listened to her which was sad.

The moral of this tale is when you are in a pretty garden
If a man does approach you with things that seem to harden
Remember the snake in Eden and pick up something you can use
And beat that snake so hard cos it’s not only paradise you may lose.
© 10/04/2013~GG~

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