The Wish

Written by: Joe Flach

She made a wish to go to Disneyland that we wanted to fulfill
But she couldn’t go see Mickey Mouse until she was not so ill
So she changed her wish a little bit and wished her brother could go instead
Hoping she could give a gift to her best friend when she were dead

Being twins for their ten years their bond was true and tight
A second bed in her hospital room allowed him to stay each night
He shaved his head when she lost her hair and stayed with her through therapy
She said, “I’m glad that you will be okay and the cancer found only me”

He rode each ride with an empty seat where she was meant to sit
Knowing she was looking down on us during our visit
He now makes his way as a single twin with his sister on his mind
Making sure she is not forgotten by the people left behind

Written and posted on 4/9/13 for the "The Empty Tissue Box Contest"