Written by: petra mallett

It used to be that when I closed my eyes
Dandelion wishes of youth would tickle my mind.
Wishes of forever that I never truly grasped....
A dream of true love I never honestly trusted....
A completion of self I never truly felt:
~ Until you.

And now when I close my eyes, it’s you that I see...
(My dream realized)
And my senses reel from the heat of your touch
That lingers still - even after you’ve gone....
Instinctively I breathe you in (longingly) 
Wanting to taste you:
Savoring the memory of your caress on my lips
Teasing my need for more:
Fanning the flame of desire that never fades.

And I smell you (forever found in your scent)....
And I feel you (true love found in your embrace)....
And I hear the whisper of your voice 
~ My axis that guides me home.

And in my craving to touch you one more time
I am completed by the sensation of your kiss
~ Pouring life into my soul.