Please Just Go away

Written by: Chantelle Cox

Please just go away, You are not welcome on this very day. Just walk away nothing you say will ever be forgiven. Because your word sorry is always the same. What a shame you have become, With empty stares and nasty shame. Look away I have nothing to say. Games are unwelcomed and I will never play. Never does hate go away. Did you bump your head when exiting your bed? You need to crawl back in your hole, Do not beg me anymore. Read the line above, Can you see what it said- You are not welcome just let it go. You speak words of emptiness because you think I want to hear those things but I do not listen to what you say, you just want to pass the day. You say your a man but, only on the days you have planned. When you think it is okay to speak your mind, you should hit rewind and step back young man, because you are standing in my quicksand. You better check yourself really fast cause you got me confused with someone from your past. Never do I let anyone put me last.