big eyed terrified truth

Written by: Fierce Malilangwe

Fatal game that they play
Rerunning in mind
Like vinyl stuck on replay

They tell of a story
Many years ago
A little girl
Wounded by the evil world
Found by a soldier to save her soul
From bright vibrant colour
Happiness And warmth

The story suddenly all turned to red
To blood
To words etched on skin
Forever to remain

Serenades to swearing 
Trust to tussling
Always to never
Love to loathing

She gave up her all
Just to fight for something
Long Left for dead in the cold

One sided tug off war
To end in mud
Conceived in blood
Still she begged for more

Tried to be perfect
Yes she did
Stopped eating for times on end
Ran till her lungs bled
Still the soldier turned his head

She tried to stand
On own two feet
Little did she know she was
Amputee of lust
Conceded truth

Turned traitor
This soldier did
Shattering ideals
Of little girls' world

He owned her
Like a deer head trophy
Mounted himself

She fell again
Trying to fix
What shattered so long ago
With bleeding raw fingers
She traced his face
Hoping he would
Would turn
Would change his ways

The Soldier broke his promises
To always keep her safe
Because his other trophies
Got 1st place

Again she tried to repair
All the damages he left
Seeming so strong
So bold

Praised on her progress
Little girl was
But inside her mind
Was her true demise

She couldn't let go of soldier
Yet he let her fall
She couldn't leave him to his own 
Yet he abandoned her so many 
times before
She felt compelled to be his
Guardian angel
Yet he refused to be hers

Ignorance is bliss they say
But what about knowing the truth
And staring the other way?

Carefully placed back in crooked 
The glass shards of her life
With pieces still gone
The red seeps through
What cannot be said

The big eyed terrified truth.