Written by: Lillie Williams

You can’t seem to get
What I’m trying to say
You seem to want everything
To always go your way
I’m not asking for much 
As you can plainly see
I just want your understanding
And all your patient with me

I want you to sat down and 
Listen with your heart
The inner side of me and
The most delicate part
Understand why I sometimes
Laugh when I cry
Understand the qualities
For you my heart occupy

I want you to know the
Reason I sat and wonder
Do I satisfy your every desire
And am I the only woman                                                                             
You need to understand what
I somehow see in you
And how I lift you up with
Everything I try to do
Always try to see the part of me
That wants you to be my man 
And never underestimate
 How much power
You gain when you 
Simply understand