Over Heard Conversation

Written by: Debbie Duncan

Over heard conversation today.
As I was sweeping leaves that way.
And he's talking to one of his friends.
I heard his words flowing my way.

I hear him say ~ "and she says to me".
I seen that,  where did you get it?   
Now I know , I'm moving out from you.
He says,  well, I really don't give a # % .

That's when the tape recorder starts in 
my head.

Aries is in the midnight skies now.
So be careful of what you say.
Make sure your words don't cut deep.
For the words you speak, will surely be 
the karma you keep.

I thought to myself, boy, am I glad, I don't 
speak off the cuff.
Make sure you speak softly when Aries is 
in the midnight skies.
Aries is a war sign, did you not know ?   

5/ 2010  Yes,  I did hear him telling some other guy this about his g-friend. She left with the baby. It seems Aries is again in the skies now as well : kim jung un  .