Mother's Day Is Not Enough

Written by: Ed Ebbs

To all you mothers out there from someone who has just lost his mother, we are who we are today and who we are tomorrow largely due to our mothers. 

You hear the academia praise how teachers and other mentors shape this world, but what about mothers. Mothers do get recognition once a year, but my mother was a full time mother, she was a home provider. She made sure we were properly clothed and bathed; she made sure we ate everything on our plate if we put it there. Waste was not part of her vocabulary, and perhaps one of the most difficult roles for any mothers and my mom was that of emotional support. Of course, it does not stop there. 

Mom taught us why rules are important and why there are limits and what the word “No” meant. In our teenage years we thought she was unfair only later to discover her purpose. Mom and Dad both set me aside after I purchased my first car and got my first real job, and said they had taught me right from wrong that their job was done...Their job was not done, that was only to teach me another lesson of responsibility in making decisions on my own; I would make mistakes, but they had faith in me that I would return to center. 

So, I believe that Moms shape this world and future generations more than they get credit for and it’s not a once a year job, it’s a forever job.

Edward Ebbs
Mom passed on 04/06/2013 - RIP