Life's Struggles

Written by: Colleen Bono

My world is always
turned upside down,
even if I smile it still
looks like a frown.

I have an illness you
can't see with your eyes,
people don't understand
and can't hear my cries.

If they do most try 
very hard,to lend
a helping hand I just
can't let down my guard.

Life has always been
very hard for me,
it holds me back from
being who I want to be.

It seems as though 
the harder I try,
my mind takes me back
to wanting to die.

When I look into the
future,I am unable to see,
if it's worth sticking around
for or be set free.

I look to God to help
be my guide, but
I always go back
to wanting to hide.

Will I ever be able to
have joy in my life,
or will I always struggle
with the demons inside.

                                           COLLEEN MARIE BONO

                                                April 7,2013