Written by: Giorgio A. V.

The granite crags called me for years, 
I knew their reason to exist,
to contact skies as blue adheres, 
on sovereign mass and clouds' mist.

Forsooth it was eternal gleam, 
distant the poetry of sorrow
with friends the crags and time's extreme, 
I knew from there I won't withdraw.

And then I heard her voice to call, 
'come join with me upon the crags', 
In gusts was hung my mountain role
for I was born to be my world's, 
crimson and shrag.

Above I passed (Mistral on Alps!)  
I saw those peaks waiting for me; 
hence skies were open to engulf, 
uprising me in snowflakes fall, 
twas all before me.

© G.V. 01.23.2013 All rights reserved
(Iambic tetrameter)