Written by: Joyce Johnson

Mr. Man in the Moon can you see me here?
Does the light you shed make everything clear?
I am sorry if you are on your own
And as you can see I am all alone,
No one who loves me and no one who cares.
If you have a hand in the Earth’s affairs,
Will you send  a lover who’ll hold me tight,
Who will walk with me in the bright moonlight?
Mr. Man in the Moon, please answer my plea,
For it isn’t fair there’s no one for me.
Perhaps in the daytime, you have someone
Who thinks you’re the greatest under the sun,
But day or night there is no one for me. 
I fear that’s the way it will always be.
No one who sends me bouquets of flowers,
So please Mr. Moon, use your magic powers
To find me a sweetheart who’ll hold me tight
And vows he loves me in the bright moon light.