Caul Bearer

Written by: Jennifer Marie Oliver

I am what you call a bearer of the "caul"
I was born with a veil that covered my face
It's supposed to be a sign of many things
For me this caul has given me the future 
It is not something I can control 
These things I see or feel
Sometimes they just overwhelm 
I'm brought down to my knees
It's when they're strong and frighten me
I don't know where to turn 
I know I'll sound quite insane if I share
The feelings of gloom that pain me so
But every now and then, I get a hint
From one close and dear,that shares the caul
Of something coming near 

We do not have to say or explain the feelings
In our heads
We know by now it's from the caul 
That wields and shares its doom
I never know exactly when or where
The tragedy will occur
Only feel the emotions that each event procures
It becomes a albatross I carry round my neck
This gift I was born with,Foresees fear and death
I wish I wasn't the one to carry this cross
It's knowledge is not of hope just misery and loss.