Two Lentos

Written by: Jack Ellison


Well here's my first attempt at a Lento
Tell me how am I doing so far
Swell that you thought of including me
Hell I could be your next Lento star

Send me a challenge and I'll get right to it
Tend to get excited when I write
Lend me your ears and I'll do my best
End up with my ego taking flight

© Jack Ellison 2013


Here is number two, so how did I do
Clear I've mastered this clever form
Fear that others will give up in frustration
Mere handfuls will weather the storm

Stay with it, you'll find it so rewarding
Lay there Lento-ing through the night
Pray you don't wind up in the looney bin
Stay with it, and you'll soon get it right

© Jack Ellison 2013

Lencio Rodrigues has created this new form of poetry called a LENTO!
It consists of two 4 line verses where the first word of each line rhymes
and the end of the second and fourth lines rhyme.
He is in the process of collecting Lento poems from around the world
and publishing them in a book. Much success Lencio!