Opulent pearl in quietude night,
Amber beacon star-spangled light.
Tranquil essence of wisdom foretold.

Emboldening a ponderous nave heart,
To bequeath secrets in the dark.
Perpetual in the beauty to behold.

Mystical wonders ye have seen,
As ye glow aloft smiling serene.
Guardian of runes time's forgot.

If thou telltale of harsher years,
Heavens wilt shed a deluge of tears.
Forsaken memories for answers sought.

Whisper soothingly of bittersweet times,
With ambrosia nectar in thine shines.
Enchanted ideals within slumber scenes.

Cast down blissful oblivious sand,
With a celestial starscaped hand,
Bedazzled glitters for whimsical dreams.