Twenty Little Angels

Written by: Lynn Glover

This poem is dedicated to the twenty little angels killed in Newtown, Conn.

Twenty Little Angels

Twenty little angels left this earth today,
They have gone up to be with Jesus, to continue to play.
Their lives were taken away by a crazed man,
Evil lurked in his mind as he drew up this plan.

We mourn these little angels that left this earth,
They are gone only a few years after their birth.
Jesus has said, “Bring the little children unto me.”
Here in Heaven they will be safe and free.

Lord help us to understand what happened this day,
Change man’s heart as we kneel down to pray.
Please Lord; don’t let this happen ever again,
Take the anger from our hearts, take away the pain.

Your birthday will be hollow for all of us this year,
A huge gap of pain is left behind with a tear.
Lord, gird us up as we face tomorrow, 
With love we ask you, Lord, to take away our sorrow.

©2012 Lynn B Glover