For Mrs Ekenimoh

Written by: Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq

Now they seem content drinking
They light the street with their unique dance steps
'Passerbys' forgetting to pass. 
Like a prophetess in trance. 

With each bottle, they lose sight of life
The enormous problems of living,
In a country where basic amenities are tales
Told by the pictures online and on television 

Here they have chosen to live
To dance with their hearts, not legs
To entertain the self attracted audience
Some even try to mimic them

To lighten a Mother's burden
The pain of laying down helplessly
The agony of sickness
And like a comic relief, it suspends the pains

Lifts her gentle soul
Like a broken feathered bird flying again
I could see her smile,
Don't bother, my mind has eyes

Tick, tock time passes
Soon they shall wonder where the time went
But l° know time wouldn't leave her laying on that 
For time heals all wounds. 

I wish you quick recovery dearest Ma'am