Written by: Amber Moll

When I say I Love You,
I'm afraid it will fade away.
To the nothing-ness it was,
When my skies were turning grey.
When you say I'm Beautiful,
I hold it in my hand.
In case it starts to wither,
And run out like the sand.
When you tell me how you're feeling,
And we laugh into the night.
I keep it in my pocket,
Holding on with all my might.
Afraid what I was yesterday,
I may not be today.
Then tomorrow I'll be invisible,
and you'll have nothing left to say.
So I'm holding on to everything 
That made me feel happy inside.
To pull it out on days,
When no one else has tried.
To make sure I rememeber,
What I once meant to you.
Just in case its different,
When my Skies turn back to blue.