Who Are You

Written by: Gwen Benita Mason Gibbs

Are you sensitive to the things that people say
Allowing what's said to determine the outcome of your day
Letting others push your buttons and take you there
Knowing that everyone's not nice and life is just not fair

Are you a people pleaser trying to appease everyone
Knowing that keeping everybody happy just can't be done
Being helpful, kind and considerate to keep the peace around
But knowing that somewhere someone's gonna try to bring you down

Are you a hard working person that's just trying to get a break
Trying so hard to be perfect and make not one mistake
Beating yourself over the head with each wrong turn you take
Not believing in yourself and wrestling with every decision you make

Are you that self centered person who thinks the world revolves around you
No one can measure up to your standards or do as well as you do
Thinking everyone's ideas are bad but yours are always good
If you keep up with that mentality you just might fall where you stood

Are you the rational one in the crowd who just tries to make things clear
You talk until you're black and blue but very few have a listening ear
The fact is most people simply just want things to go their way
And they will stick to it no matter what anyone might say