Click, Click, Huh

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Feeble, a word not often used in this hi-def, mega bite world, where almost anything can be done with the tap of a fingertip, the aged still feel feeble. This crackled feeling runs along the rims of brittle nails and gray-white strands of hair. The once svelte figures of maid or man, now chose more often to crunch and snap, as ligaments roll unpleasantly over joint heads. The witty repartee of youth is replaced by a dazed look. Yes, at this moment, après gym and post nap and pre chair massage a wobbling frailness surrounds me in a weak chicken broth of feebleness.
fingerless mits cover bloodless palms – weak spring sun emotion: feeble poet: Debbie Guzzi Contest: How Do I Feel Today