Simply Glamorous

Written by: Eugene Harvey

Sunlight blossoms in her finery
Of starlight’s spellbinding joy,
Eden’s promised wishful dream
Of ravishing rainbows adorned,

Renowned in her celestial best
Of heaven’s enduring surprise
Nirvana’s dearest loving vision
Of bliss’s glorious flame reborn,

Wonder sleeps in her embrace
Of happily ever after fairytales
Shangri-la’s endearing tapestry
Of enchanted dreams foretold,

Nature happily sings in her honor
Of paradise’s magic heart songs
Heaven’s breathtaking serenade
Of everlasting love stories retold,

Love dances in her heart of hearts
Of her beloved’s dreams come true
Forever’s joyful enchanting dream
Of true perfection bonded in love,

Breathlessly entwined in her touch
Of Love’s blissful cherished paradise 
Passion’s precious beloved pearl
Of oneness heaven-sent from above.

© Eugene Harvey