Written by: Jecon B. Nadela

COMPASSION, as I see it, is generosity without publicity;
it is the secret and spontaneous act of giving to save someone
who's dying and not the alms given when one is already in the coffin;
it is the setting aside of a longtime desire for personal luxury
in paving way to a neighbor's necessity;
it is not a mere showing of sympathy when one actually
has the material means to help nor it is a priestly advice
to a needy to pray but to make one's self available
to be GOD's instrument in answering to a poor man's prayer.
One must not be proud that he has advised a needy person to pray.
Why? Can one not realize that when a man is in a real need he does a lot of thinking?
For sure, praying is a needy's first option and that a comfortable
way of approaching a neighbor is among the priority concerns of his prayer.
If one claims that he/she has been blest then how can he/she be a
testimony to prove GOD's blessing if he/she is only good at
advising yet reluctant to actual giving?