Read Between The Lines

Written by: Jecon B. Nadela

Something is happening under the sun;
Some are dying while others have fun.
Then you’d be offered when you still have enough;
Isn't it weird? Isn't it a bluff?

Reality is right there in the neighborhood.
All walks of life in the same old road.
And meet a fellow who’d ask for help;
The ear can hear but the heart is deaf.

It isn't easy to ask or beg
As it really takes a lot of nerve.
Some can utter; others just sigh
Or only mumble then chose to cry.

The simple truth of a helpless neighbor
Must be articulated to win a favor.
When frustration sits in after many tries
He’d be opted on some pretty lies.

If a grand is short for vanity
Would a dime be too much for charity?
Is it a fortune for man to lose
If on a beggar’s meal he’d be the host?

Is there a need to see a bended knee
To understand a neighbor’s plea?
If the heart is dimmed by indifference
It fails to read between the lines.

Date & Time of Writing:
February 3,2013
02:16p.m. - 04:32 p.m.