The Uninvited Stranger

Written by: Karen Anglesey

Another tirade of drunken anger
Brought to life by the uninvited Stranger
I lay trembling, still, ever so quiet
In a corner, hidden beneath a blanket
Biting down hard on bleeding lips
I knew it wasn't to be over yet

The blistering sting whipped our skin
A silence of screams heard only within
Upon our flesh of scarlet welts
Carved by the Stranger's thin leather belt

Cold cloudy skies, a mother's black eyes
No friends allowed in while we'd panic and run
He stumbled and cursed, threatening to get his gun

To live with the Stranger's drunken rage
Was like living in hell while trapped in a cage

Karen Anglesey 2003

6th Place Win in Nathan's "In To The Deep" contest 07/09/13