Righteously Led

Written by: Sheryl Lynn Knoles

Study the rhythms of our beating hearts To expel this delusional fear of rejection To know you and I will never be apart To reserve part of me for your selection The love I am capable of ~ none will know Unless a part of you wants to show That the creation of women together with the same Is much, much, much, more than just a name Get lost in your eyes and find a way through Find the deepest, darkest secrets inside of you To explode together in emotional bliss Knowing every single time I need it ~ you lean in for a kiss Sharing all of everything I can give to you And show you that what I say is simply true Knowingly spoken ~ I release you into my veins And pump the essence of you through my body ~ expelling all this shame This roller-coaster journey with you I will take The memories that you and I will re-create The times in the sheets, and playing in bed Poisons my mind, body, and soul and to you ~ righteously it led