Written by: WORD CRAFT

Yesterday I learnt,
A beautiful something,
I learnt the peace,
That does not cease,
The breeze,
Clothed in nature's green,
The comfort,
Draped in nature's brown,
Through the woods,
Into the caves,
Over the bridges,
The sweet waters flowing,
Whispering gently,
That soothes the soul,
Impregnates the face,
With a broad twin lipped smile,
Crackling fires,
Rising smoke,
Embracing tightly,
The sun's rays,
Filtering through,
The swinging boughs,
Bathing rocks,
Swimming twigs,
Camera clicks,
Capturing the joys,
Of the moment,
Please fly me back,
I want to learn on,
Learn the love,
That binds the giraffe,
And the warthog,
The canopies,
And the blue skies,
The streams,
And the bamboos,
The monkeys,
And the trees,
The marshes,
And the rocks,
And above all,
The strength of nature,
The impact it imparts,
The bond it creates,
Between the creator,
And His creation,
Fly me back,
And let me learn on..

Word Craft