Written by: stacey law

To admire that of the precious babies breath
The sweet aroma of the divine beauty of the rose
Roses are true, they are red , some purity of white
Pink - they are the beauteous of the beloved
Friendship domains that of the yellow bud
Courtship , day by day , dozen by dozen
Miraculous the meaning of thee. with true insight
Fondness of the true love the romantic fellow
A kiss on the cheek , sparkles the attention
Onto the lover's intention to therefore be loved
Admiration of the eye of the beholder, I see
Line by line, rhyme by rhyme, to be or not to be
Thee rose with a thought of loving praise
Divine my true sweetheart , sweetheart roses with prose
My oh my, I say , beauteous be then
True love - my heart may never mend
But as I admire - this wondrous bud
Still line by line - the petals then said
I love thee the most - each rhyming moment
And no lovers' quarrel be left unsaid
Then the rose I give of this the flower
That sparkles with attention seeing the light
And kiss and tell , we make up too
And the eyes glow deep in the night.