Love dreams

Written by: Elaine Roy

    Love dreams
			By Elaine Roy

Love lye's in the dreams of my heart, were he awakes me
Fallen, by the rain of tears, that fill my heart
Blind by the sun, until his shadow comes, to embrace me
There, he is on bend-id knee, lifting my chin to face him
It's when I see hope, in his eyes. My heart awakens
It's his gentle touch, that unveils my inner child
Were, butterflies and warm meadows embrace life in all amazement
It's there in his arms, I find my peace ; were his beating heart take me home
Words, have no meaning, for love has replace them; by tender touches to form our hearts into one!
We, see in smiles and feel in laughter; as we create our happy thoughts!
Rapped up in the blanket of stars, were wonder unveils love's spender!
Thus time,  has lost it's hands, to finds a greater meaning.  For  love ,now sifts through the sands; until it see one's heart, finding  true loves greatest meanings!