Written by: Judy Konos

Contest: Metamorph
Sponsor:Debbie Guzzi



Dear Father who art in Heaven if it be thy will, 
On my blessed wedding day bid me to fulfill, 
Each vow I take with humble heart and grant me to intrust,
 This man I choose forever more until the earths in crust.
Please give me understanding and the power to forgive, 
And add consideration to this new life I must live.
 Help me O'er the rough roads for rough roads there shall be, 
Making the joy of happiness live 'til eternity.
If I try and try I will, dear Lord I shan't forget,
 Your helping hand has guided me past the word regret.
 So once again, I beg dear Lord, Please linger by my side,
 The day I change from a silly girl, to a woman and a Bride!

 Metamorphosis 5-7-5

Wedding bliss today
Let our love lead where it may    
On this Holy day