When I am Gone

Written by: Lynn Glover

 When I am Gone

When I am gone, I won’t be far away,
You can see me in the wind or the clouds on a rainy day.
You can see me in the sunshine,
As its rays shine down on you,
Look closely you can see me in the rainbow,
It has many colors of hue.

While sitting on the patio in the morning light,
You can see me in the flowers,
As they awaken from a sleepy night.
You can hear me as the birds sing,
As they fly with food toward their nest.
You can see me in the robin with his colorful red breast.

You can see me in the landscape, in the sea and in the air,
If you turn around and look toward Heaven,
You will also see me there.
From the whispering grass I’ll tell you,
That I am as happy as can be,
The only thing missing is the life time I shared with thee.

©2012 Lynn B Glover