I Should Have Told You

Written by: Steph Tico

I wish I could've told you
how I really felt.
Well baby the truth is
your smile makes me melt.

I wish I could have told you
the things I kept inside.
So many times I tried
to not let my real feelings hide.

I would not take back
any of the times we shared.
My favorite of them all
Were when you showed you cared.

You could always tell
when there was something wrong.
Though I tried to put on a smile
you said I didn't always have to be strong.

When I would say I was fine
you could always tell it was a lie. 
I've never felt so comfortable
letting someone see me cry.

I wish I could have told you
you were the reason for my smile.
Now that you are gone
it hasn't shown for a while.

I wish I could have told you 
what your presence meant.
At some of my toughest times
it seemed like you were heaven sent.

You were always so good
at keeping my mind clear.
No sad thoughts or bad feelings.
God do I wish you were here.

Now that you are gone
I can't figure out what to do.
I miss you so dang much.
If only I would have told you…