No, You Did Not Break My Heart

Written by: Eileen Manassian

No, you did not break my heart
Breaking would have been good
Breaking I could handle
I could just pick up the pieces
I could try to glue them back together
Or simply live without some missing pieces

No, you did not break my heart
With a broken heart
I could still try to love again
Had it been just a break
With whatever was left
I could survive
And feel
And live

No, you did not break my heart
That would have been kind
In a strange deranged way
A learning lesson
I would have accepted that
After all, I’m not the first
Nor the last
To have a heart broken

No, you did not break my heart
You smashed it
And then
You pulverized it
You kept pounding
And pounding
And pounding
Each word…
Each look…
Each touch…
Everything you did
Was the blow of a pestle
On my little heart
Which lay in the mortar
Of my body

No, you did not break my heart
You pulverized it
No pieces to retrieve
No way to grieve
No way to feel
No way to love
No way to heal

The wind came
And blew away
The dust of my heart
And I stand here
An empty shell

No, you did NOT break my heart.
I wish you had....
How I wish you had.

Eileen Manassian Ghali