Thinking Sublimely

Written by: Terrell Martin

Thinking sublimely isn’t as timely
As it was in years long past.
When Poe, Thoreau and others we know 
Gave all they had to last. 

Weaving their webs of thoughts that led
To ideas beyond understanding;
While here and now I’m lost somehow 
In this modern world demanding.  

So much more of our time, our minds,
Our bodies and our brains;
It’s difficult to see outside my window 
When all I see is rain. 

Pouring down like rocket fire
Incessantly in my view;
Thinking sublimely isn’t as timely
For folks like me and you.  

Striving towards heaven within our reach
Not unlike Emerson, Dickinson and Frost;
Counting the difference between better and best 
Is always defined by the cost.

While this amateur clings to his broken heart strings  
And thoughts of a poetic lift;  
The thought’s in his head he’s completely mislead
Competing with those with a gift.