On The Pantry Shelf

Written by: Karen Anglesey

She sneaked into the pantry, tender steps came from behind 
His charismatic twinkle took her heart completely by surprise
And in a speck of time, a secret kiss to follow
As fate joined them together, forever in tomorrow

Through the years she won't forget the day he called her near
To tell her that he'd written a song that only she would hear
Timeless is the butterfly-and goes where we know not-
As fleeting chance encounters create a solid bond

His timely passing left her hollow
Now gripped with grief she struggles to swallow
And always returns to haunt her again
To go on alone, her free will had chosen

Now and then she whispers, but only to herself
That somewhere in another time 
He'll complete the songs he left behind
On the pantry shelf 

Written by Karen Anglesey
Published in Theatre of the Mind
Noble House Publishers/Individual Copyright holders/2003