Soul of Regret

Written by: todd borstad

I saw the picture of you
With Mom and dad 
And you were smiling
	And bells were ringing
And dad was holding you 

	He called your name
	The night he died
	And was scared  
	He would never 
	See you again.
	And now he comes 
	In your dreams
	When your soul 
	Needs you the most
	And you wonder if the dead can talk

	And if souls get lonely
	And believe they are okay
	And love other souls
	Like they want to be loved
	Even when they can’t love back

	Can you blame him
	For wanting to give comfort 
	When your soul is not free
	And your own death 
	Means nothing to you.

	And now he sits by the door 
	And waits for you to cry in your sleep
	And tries to understand why
	He didn’t hold you
	When he could.